Our Approach to Medicine

Here at Danesh Medical we place an emphasis on preventative medicine. This entails taking measures to ensure our patients remain healthy. Such measures include frequent checkups, educating our patients, and providing the most effective treatments available. Should our patients encounter any ailments our medical providers will work their hardest to ensure patients receive equal and quality treatment no matter their socio-economic status. We believe all individuals deserve medical care and financial costs should not deter them from seeking it out. We work with our patients to find the most well-suited solutions for their situations. Our caring and understanding staff are only more than happy to do so.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Canyon Lake Urgent & Family Care is to improve quality of life in the inland valley community by providing medical services with a focus on preventative medicine.


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9 AM- 6 PM

Saturday: 9 AM- 4 PM

Sunday: Temporarily Closed


Our mission is to provide the best service,
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